Everything You Need to Know about Your Local Credit Union

If you’ve been banking with a large national bank for the majority of your life, you might be unaware of how easy and beneficial it is to bank with a local credit union. Locally owned and operated credit unions like Hughes Federal Credit Union are accessible to join, easy to use, and offer incredible benefits to their members and their community. Here's everything you need to know before you #MoveYourMoney to a local credit union. 

They’re Accessible

Anyone can join a credit union––they simply have to find the one that’s right for them! Hughes Federal Credit Union offers a variety of ways for people to join. If you live, work, worship or go to school in Tucson, you’re eligible to join Hughes Federal Credit Union. If you don’t do any of the above, you might be eligible to join through your place of employment––if your company is one of the more than 800 companies in Hughes’ field of membership, you can be a member, too! You can also become eligible for membership by making a small donation to one of Hughes Federal Credit Union’s partners––Friends of the Oro Valley Public Library, Friends of the Pima County Public Library, Friends of the Green Valley Public Library and the Tucson Audubon Society. Find out if you're eligible to join Hughes Federal Credit Union. 

They're Trusted

Hughes Federal Credit Union is a non-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative, which means that members are their highest priority. Credit unions like Hughes return all profits back to their members in the form of better rates on savings accounts, in addition to better terms and lower interest rates on loans. As a member, you also earn the right to vote for elected members of the credit union’s volunteer board of directors. You will feel empowered as a member of a locally owned and operated credit union that serves as a central part of the community in which you live and work. In 2017 alone, Hughes Federal Credit Union donated more than $120,000 to over 100 local organizations that are making a difference in Tucson. To learn more about the benefits of banking at your local credit union, visit the Hughes Federal Credit Union website

They're Easy to Use

As a member of Hughes Federal Credit Union, you can bank anywhere, anytime. Members of Hughes Federal Credit Union can access their money at almost 30,000 ATM machines and over 5,000 shared branches through the CO-OP Shared Branching network. The local credit union also makes it easy to bank online with their online banking and mobile apps. Banking with a locally owned and operated credit union is just as convenient as, and way more beneficial than, banking at a nationally owned bank. Read more about how making the switch to a local credit union is better for your wallet and your community. 

Convinced that your locally owned and operated credit union is accessible, trusted, and easy to use? Make the switch and #MoveYourMoney today!