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Improve your search results

What you can do so your business is easily found on LocalFirstAZ.com

When users use the directory search, they type in words and phrases describing what they want to find. These are keywords.

To get found with keyword searches, write a good description of your business, and include keywords in your listing.

Writing a good description of your business

Quick description tips

Think of your description as your "elevator pitch." You have just a few seconds to let somebody know what you do and how you are different from the competition.

Users are going to scan, not read, the first sentence of your description before moving on. Make sure your first sentence is clear and direct.

You want your description to be packed with real information, like a list of services and products you offer. That list is should be packed with the words that users are going to be searching for, and including them in your description will help you sell yourself.

Avoid vacuous selling points, like "we're the best." Instead focus on the solid things that make your business unique and different from the competition.

For some help in writing a quick description of your business, read some results from a Google search of "elevator pitch."

Including great keywords in your listing

Quick keywords tips

Keywords are a powerful tool to attract users on the LocalFirstAZ.com website. These are words and phrases that people may use when searching our directory. For instance, if you sell chocolate, you may want to include keywords like "candy," "candies," and "gourmet" to be found in more searches.

Try it yourself

Type in words and phrases in the search box in the left-hand column and see what comes up -- and what doesn't. Look at other business's keywords, descriptions, and categories to see what else may work.

The fine art of choosing and adding keywords

Remember, if it's in your description already, there's no need to add words into your keyword section.

You want to make sure that all the variations of keywords and key phrases are in your keyword listing. Use plurals anduse synonyms.

Google's Keyword Tool

The most powerful tool comes from Google. By entering a keyword into their keyword tool, you'll find all the other keywords based on Google's massive database of real-world searches. Not only that, but you can sort them by relevancy and by how many searchers used those keywords. Visit Google's keyword tool and take advantage of this amazing free service.

Quick tip: You can always jump to Google's keyword tool from this simple URL: localfirstaz.com/keywords

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