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Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum

Arizona's Greatest Treasure

The Copper Art Museum is Arizona's newest art museum which is in perfect unity with the former company-town of Clarkdale, a City Beautiful Movement town founded in 1912. Clarkdale was built by Senator W. A. Clark “America's Copper King” for the mass-production of industrial copper from 1915 to 1953, which was exported throughout the world. The museum's collection is the “largest return of copper,” “back” to both Clarkdale and the “Copper State” and showcases what man created with the red-metal while it was away.

The Copper Art Museum features exhibits of copper art and collections for study, which were made by coppersmiths, soldier artists and braziers; many of whom were masters in their trade. Artifacts displayed have an emphasis on American and European works-of-art from the 16th - 21st century.

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