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Fluffy Vegans

Fluffy Vegans

Healthy Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetable Chips

Fluffy Vegans is proud to make our vegan snack chips in Phoenix, AZ. We offer Kale-icious Chips (sweet), Kale-iente Chips (medium spicy), Hot Azz Kale Chips (sweet habanero), Apple-iente Chips (spicy apple chips), Cinnamon Hug Apple Chips, Lemon Kiss Apple Chips, and Banandy (coconut banana chips). All of our products are sold online and we offer local delivery. We have a retail location at the Artisan Food Guild Community Market and at the restaurant - The Coronado. Our chips are also sold at the Phoenix Public Farmers market and the Uptown Farmers Market.

  • (480) 269-5717
  • 1620 S. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034.
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