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Through the Closet Door

Through the Closet Door

Personal Clothing Styling, Personal Shopping & Sustainable Style

For people who want to present their best self but hate everything in their closet and don’t know what to do about it.

You want to look your best but don’t know how to create outfits and mix and match what you already own.

You are a person who understands that investing in yourself frees your time to be spent on the things that matter to you.

You’re a busy professional who really values the environmental impact of your decisions.

But sadly…

The way you are showing up in the world may not reflect who you really are.

My name is Loren, and while I know how to bring what is inside of you to the outside so your style reflects who you are.I am also a former geologist. I have seen firsthand the effects of clothing manufacturing on the environment. So I decided to use my career to make a difference by changing how we shop and treat our clothing.

If your values are aligned with mine, then we should talk!

Feel free to email me to start the conversation.

  • 602-753-8908
  • Phoenix, AZ 85028.
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