RetroTrek Celebrates Tucson in Vintage Style for Modern Travelers

Tucson-LuggageTag This post guest written by LFA Intern, Kendra Gramlich

In June 2007, Dale DeNunzio noticed an old fashioned steamer trunk and envisioned the idea of creating destination-specific luggage stickers for both the novice and experienced traveler. After meeting up with Pete Marenfield, a creative local artist, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts was born. Since its inception the company has learned from consumers and expanded. Now specializing in creating unique postcards, luggage tags, magnets and more with a retro aesthetic, RetroTrek’s designs focus on popular, one-of-a-kind local destinations in Tucson. Dale’s outstanding customer service has also made him popular with many local tourism destinations, who love to showcase RetroTrek products in their gift shops.

For most of his adult life Dale has worked for others. So, becoming a small business owner was a new experience for him. Dale says he has learned a lot and developed a thick skin throughout the process of creating his own business. Dale’s former career allowed him to work anywhere in the US and after living all over he chose Tuscon, AZ to make his home. His love of the area is seen in the way he reflects the community through his work.

Retrotrek NoteCards2As a business that celebrates Tucson through vintage styled artwork, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts , helps foster the unique sense of place that is so important to building a strong, local community. At Local First Arizona, we know, based on National studies, that where folks feel a strong attachment and pride in where they live, it yields huge benefits to the community in terms of higher GDP, increased voter turnout and even higher taxes paid. RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts helps cultivate the sense of Tucson as a unique and special place that we celebrate.

RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts also supports other local business owners in turn. The company uses local printer, The Gloo Factory, to produce their colorful postcards. Dale discovered the importance of using local printers as he is able to visit the shop and make changes necessary to things like color and print size. In addition, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts uses local businesses to produce their magnets and posters. Dale stresses that the community has been a wonderful support to him in his endeavors, and, because of this, he is more than happy to give back.

Happy Holidays2If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the out-of-towner or the local-lover – look no further! RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts postcards and magnets are the perfect and unique gift for any occasion. It’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts either. The “Happy Holidays Hotel Congress” is one of Dale’s favorites. Find these wonderful local treasures at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tohono Chul, Antigone Books, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and more.

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Plant Powered: Carolyn’s Real Food Story

This is a guest blog post from local vegan chef and food writer, Carolyn Flower. You can follow Carolyn at

The Real Food Stories series profiles the unique personal experiences that lead our writers to understand the important connection between the food they eat, and their health and wellbeing. You can find the rest of our stories HERE


Food and I

Work In Progress Banana Bread and Peach Green Smoothie by Carolyn FlowerEver since I can remember I’ve always loved and been fascinated by food. Food was something I valued and craved. I always looked forward to meals and going to restaurants with my family and friends. However, even though food and I go way back, we haven’t always had a healthy relationship.

As a child I disliked wearing shorts, and I felt uncomfortable wearing tank tops even during the summer months. In high school, I always had to wear swimming shorts with my bathing suits, and I was uncomfortable about my desire and appetite for food. This underlying discomfort with my body and appetite lasted for the first 20 years of my life.

In college, I majored in environmental studies and started to learn more about localism, food systems, sustainable agriculture, and the general environmental impacts of food production. I even volunteered at my college’s farm! To be honest though, nothing that I learned changed my perspective on my eating habits or alleviated my body image issues.


Making Changes

Delicious In-Season Tomatoes and Cheezy Tomato Puree by Carolyn FlowerMy journey of self-discovery actually started in my efforts to lose weight through Weight Watchers. I still wasn’t eating a whole foods diet or being mindful of seasonal produce, but I did start to discover the satiating power of fruits and vegetables. Though Weight Watchers completely condones all the frozen diet meals you can eat, it was at this time that I finally began to explore and appreciate the wonder of the many edible and highly nutritious plants nature provides us!

I could tell my taste buds were already recalibrating to the more complex and sometimes more subtle flavors of deliciously whole foods. I also started connecting what I ate with the importance of moving my body every day.

Trail Run by Carolyn FlowerIt became so empowering to know that I was becoming physically stronger and more flexible as well. I never thought of myself as athletic and the fact that I had come to enjoy running trails, weightlifting, and interval training (hello burpees!) really surprised me in the best possible way. I started thinking that so much more was possible than I had ever imagined for myself.

I become a pretty voracious reader and researcher when something profoundly interests me, and so I started to research the relationship between eating a plant-based diet and thriving physically.


Going Vegan

Crunchy Banana Granola by Carolyn FlowerSometimes people ask if going vegan was difficult, but the truth is the initial change really wasn’t. All my favorite foods are vegan! Hummus, avocados, beans, carrots, fruits, potatoes… I never feel like I’m deprived. What’s more, I feel like I’ve found my “food center” through Veganism. Eating plant-based has made me much more interested in cooking and trying new flavor combinations. I feel like a whole new world of opportunity and pleasure has opened up to me. There are already so many foods I would never have thought to use that I now cook with regularly. Veganism has also been a way for me to think more compassionately about myself and the world.

Exploring my new diet has also taught me to be less judgmental of other people’s choices. I’ve realized that there isn’t one diet that is right for everyone, and people need to have the space to explore what their own “food center” is. I do think though that plant-based diets can highlight how important and beneficial it is to consume an abundance of fresh foods and eat the rainbow!

Big A** Salad by Carolyn FlowerWhen I was in college, my classes on environmentalism would leave me frustrated because it seemed like nothing could ever be solved and one person couldn’t really make much of a difference. But diet choices are one place where individuals can make a significant impact over the course of their lifetime. So, although environmental issues are still very complex and can’t be solved by one person alone, eating vegan has instilled more hope inside of my heart and mind that we still have the autonomy to think critically and make our own choices in life, that CAN have a bigger impact; the same way eating locally can have a profound impact on the local economy.


Onward and Upward

I still have what I call, “bad body days” or days where I feel insecure in my body and anxious about calories and exercise. Coming from a place of intentional weight-loss, it can be hard for me to not get consumed with weight maintenance and my fear of gaining the weight back. I’ve met really interesting and caring people through fitness though, and they provide the support network I need to feel confident in my gains and my future.

Spinach and Oats Green Smoothie Bowl by Carolyn FlowerI’m not going to pretend it’s always easy or that I’ve figured it all out. My food journey so far has been a journey of both the mind and body and has brought many challenges, and just as many victories. I’ve realized that being open about my anxieties and body image struggles is really important in order for me to move forward and thrive. I’ve also been able to talk more freely about these issues and, on some level, realize that I’m not alone in these struggles. I definitely have some challenges ahead, but I feel like I’m at least a little bit closer to achieving the confidence and peace that I desire through just eating a good plant-based diet.

Moving forward, I look forward to finding new opportunities to share the wonder of healthy, nutritious eating and I am very excited to announce that I will write an ongoing series of healthy, plant-based recipes over the LFA blog! There’s so much decadent but healthy food to discover in this world, that I am happy to share with my community. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope my recipes pique your curiosity and entice your own creativity in the kitchen.


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Cheers! AZ Breweries Celebrate the Beer Bill

The Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild is delighted to announce that the Arizona Beer Bill, SB 1030, will begin implementation on Friday, July 3rd. It is entirely fitting that this historic legislation’s timing coincide with the 10th Annual National Independents Week, which celebrates the local independent businesses that make our community a vibrant place to live. All week long, independent, locally-owned businesses across Arizona–many local breweries included–will celebrate by accepting a 20% off “Golden Coupon,” which consumers can download and print from


Members of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, who led the legislative efforts, are asking Arizonans to take part in a celebratory virtual toast at midnight, July 2, and then join in on festivities the following day (7/3) as brewery owners from border to border tip their hats and say thanks to the communities around them who helped make this historic win a reality.

In addition to giving the state’s breweries the opportunity to flourish and expand their production limits without having to shutter their restaurants and tasting rooms, Arizona SB 1030 now allows state breweries to carry one another’s craft products on tap, effectively cross-promoting one another while exposing countless new craft beer drinkers to all that Arizona’s unique brewing scene has to offer.

Rob Fullmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, expressed his gratitude for the Guild members and the community coming together in support of one another.

Beer“Breweries have become off-hours ‘water coolers’ of sorts in recent years – they’re where you go to connect with the community, talk shop with your friends and catch up on the last couple days,” said Fullmer. “We know, because this was one of the driving forces behind the success of this campaign. People were talking about it at our breweries and spreading word-of-mouth, and without that, we wouldn’t be where we are today – we feel like the sky’s the limit now when it comes to the growth and success of Arizona’s brew scene.”

As a part of the Independents Week celebrations Mother Bunch Brewing is also participating in an Independents Golden Coupon that will allow customers discounts for celebrating local businesses only until July 5th. In addition the following Local First Arizona Members will be hosting special celebratory events in honor of the SB1030 taking effect. Please join us to help celebrate Arizona’s local breweries.

Mother Bunch Brewing (Phoenix) Independents Week – Golden Coupon Accepted

(June 28 – July 4) – Join Mother Bunch for an all-Arizona beer lineup. They’ll remain open until midnight Friday, July 3.2107941577_cdeac6dea9_b

July 2
Pueblo Vida Brewing Company 
12 am (midnight) – Join Pueblo Vida for a Collabrew Re-Release Party to sample a special brew, Blanche de Ventana (historical Louvain-style wit bier) make in conjunction with Dragoon Brewing Company and 1055 Brewing.

Mother Bunch Brewing (Phoenix) Independents week – Golden Coupon Accepted
10 pm – 12 am – Join brewers from across the state as they come together at Mother Bunch to toast success. Meet the brewers, munch on celebratory bites, take part in the toast at midnight and try and win free passes to Real, Wild & Woody summer beer festival.

July 3
Borderlands Brewing Co. (Tucson)
7 pm – 11 pm – Give Me Beerdom or Give Me Death Pub Crawl. Meet at Bordlerlands for a pub crawl through Tucson and taste some of the best unique brews in the city. Pub crawl participants will receive $5 wristbands and route maps and are welcome to travel as a pack or peruse at their own pace.


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Sweet, Sweet Specials on Candy, Ice Cream, & Chocolate

download (1)

Sweet Republic‘s ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked homemade cookies. Yum!

During Independents Week, we encourage you to “go local” by supporting as many locally owned businesses as possible and with hundreds of participating businesses offering 20%, it’s pretty sweet already.

But polish up your sweet tooth.

It just got sweeter. Check out these local shops selling candy, ice cream, and chocolate and accepting the 20% Off Golden Coupon this week! All of these shops are based in the Phoenix Area, but thankfully, a lot of them are also offering their discount online!

Pssst.. Your friends probably like sweets, too! Any relationship can benefit from a sweet, delicious gift.


sweet republicSweet Republic
At Sweet Republic, their goal is to put a smile on each of our customers’ faces.
Scottsdale & Phoenix | (480) 248-6979, (602) 535-5990 |

20% off purchase of $10 or more, excluding gift certificates!

fluff itFluff It Marshmallows
Arizona’s Biggest & Fluffiest Gourmet Marshmallows & S’mores Bar
Gilbert | 480-636-0597 |

20% OFF any Gourmet Marshmallow Purchase of $10 or more! One coupon per customer.

papa edPapa Ed’s Ice Cream
Old fashioned ice cream parlor nestled behind a historic bungalow turned unique shop.
Glendale | (623) 915-4438 |

20% off your purchase, with some exceptions: excludes kid’s small & medium ice creams and Frosty Treats dog ice cream.

All award-winning ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt made fresh in the store.
Laveen | (602) 237-0254 |

20% off your purchase in store!

157189Spun Paradise Cotton Candy Co
Organic cotton candy spun in flavors from Hawaii.
Mesa | (808) 365-3272 |

20% 1 four pack from their website!

Untitled2Fairytale Brownies
A taste of enhancement. Brownie, bar, and cookie packages!
Phoenix | (800) 324-7982 |

20% off regular-priced merchandise. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. In-store or online with code LOCAL20.

Untitled2Peanut Butter Americano
On a mission to create the most delicious, nutritious and socially beneficial nut butters on earth. (Including Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread!)
Phoenix | 480-447-9722 |

20% any large jar of peanut butter!

Untitled2The Kak Shop
Insanely creative and delicious baked goods.
Phoenix | (602) 266-0533 |

20% all bakery items!

brazenBrazen Chocolate
On a mission to redefine Modern American Craft Chocolate, only 1-2 ingredients: cacao (beans) and sugar.
Scottsdale | 602-549-2578 |

20% off online or at any local farmers market. Use discount code “goldencoupon” for online discount.

Award winning bakery where every desserts from family recipes.
Scottsdale + Gilbert | 480-970-1267 |

20% off any purchase or custom order!

Untitled2Classic Cakes and Confections
Beautiful wedding cakes, birthday cakes, dinner cakes, pies and other amazing pastries daily.
Scottsdale | 480-994-9662 |

20% off any purchase or custom order!

Untitled2Zak’s Chocolate
Small batch craft chocolate factory & tasting room.
Scottsdale | 480-607-6581 |

20% off purchase, excludes chocolate-making classes and factory tasting tours.

Independents Week GoldenTicket2014 tilted2Not into sweets? 
Check out all the other participating Golden Coupon businesses and find another deal to fulfill your fancy!
See all the participating businesses here!

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Indie Week Deals for Business Owners

IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareIndependents Week is in full swing!

During this week, we encourage you to “go local” by supporting as many locally owned businesses as possible. Join the thousands of consumers and hundreds of businesses who participate in this statewide celebration of the local and independent businesses that are the backbone of the Arizona economy.

Hundreds of businesses are accepting the 20% off Golden Coupon and here are some deals specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners. Download your coupon here!

Work Space

The only shared downtown Phoenix office location that promotes collaboration and provides a professional, inspirational and self-sustaining space to grow and nurture entrepreneurialism. 20% discount on all our merchandise as well as our Fly by (drop in), Frequent flyer and Nest (desk) memberships. See their listing!

Untitled2Connect Coworking
A Tucson Collaborative Workspace in the Historic Rialto Building. Connect provides entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers more than just a desk, more than just a roof. Connect Coworking is excited to offer 20% off your first month of membership. See their listing!


Based in Chandler, Tellari is a management advisory firm dedicated to helping leaders build sustainable companies. Their goal is your continuing success! Receive a 20% discount on one-hour consultation. See their listing here!

Advertising and Marketing

10129McKeown MarKeting
Adapting your personality, expertise and approach to a website, blog, social media, email marketing and content strategy is complex. 20% off a marketing analysis and recommendations. Must have Google Analytics pre-installed. See their listing here!

UntitledGet Frugaled
Delivering a competitive and cost effective solution for online advertising. Their program gives local business more on their investment in a shorter amount of time. 20% off digital media coupon advertising on Must sign up for 6 month campaign & limit 3 coupons per business. See their listing here!

10200Infinite Reach
A full service marketing & visual communications agency dedicated to providing best in class customer service and support in SEO, social media management, graphic design, and digital marketing. 20% off our graphic/website design services & annual contracts for SEO/social media management. Corporate photography excluded. See their listing!

Inspired connectionsInspired Connections
Based in Phoenix, Inspired Connections helps companies, nonprofits and organizations expand and enrich key relationships through creative and strategic marketing initiatives. 20% discount off our two-hour event, marketing and relationship development services. Nonprofit rates also available. See their listing!

another hand advantageAnother Hand Advantage
Lending an extra hand to businesses, individuals and non-profits to help build their online presence. 20% off 3 months of Facebook Advertising Management for your business or non-profit. See their listing!


Untitled2A Virtual Helper
Your social media, blog, and small business solution. Receive a 20% discount on a virtual assistance package of $250 or more. See their listing here!


Development and Support

1672Brian Flatgard Web Development
Serving downtown Phoenix since 1995, and specializing in non-profits and small business startups. Full web development and graphic design, including search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. 20% off their services. See their listing!


CUBECUBE Computer Services
A Phoenix-based computer service company that provides efficient, reliable computer repairs and network installations to home users and business owners alike. 20% off their services. Can be used in conjunction with our $99 PC Tune-up! For major repairs, labor only. See their listing!

Untitled2Excellerated HR Services
Helping small businesses avoid employment related landmines by implementing HR related systems, processes, & employee communications in support of the organization. Based in Phoenix. 20% off and HR Audit for your organization and 20% off customized employee handbooks. See their listing!

focusFocus HR
Based in Tucson, Focus HR provides human resource management, payroll administration, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, individual benefits, retirement planning and professional liability services. Process your payroll locally with Focus HR and get a 20% discount off of your payroll processing fee on your first month. See their listing!

vertical idVertical Identity Background Checks
Directly controls all aspects of the background screening process – do not use any subcontractors to process our background screens for our projects. Offering pre-employment screening, drug testing, and much more. 20% off our One-Time Business Set-up Fee. See their listing!

Untitled2Pure Chat
Add live chat to your website to engage visitors and customers! Designed just for small business, Pure Chat helps you message multiple leads and customers at once. New users get 20% off 1st year w/ Pure Chat. See their listing!



impression makersImpression Makers Printers
Impression Makers opened its doors in 1972 in Tempe and has been meeting or exceeding its customers expectations ever since. The staff take great pride in delivering consistent, quality work. New customers can receive 250 two-sided, four-color, UV-coated cards for just $9.95. See their listing!

A Scottsdale local promotional products distributor that also offers screen printing, embroidery, warehousing and fulfillment. 20% off your order. Order must be placed by 7/3 See their listing!

ThinkThink! Graphic and Printing Solutions
Think specializes in creating marketing materials for small to medium size businesses ranging from business card printing to banners to screen printing to web development. Three locations in Phoenix, Tempe, & Scottsdale. 20% off biz cards & postcards at, 20% off all items on with code. See their listing!

glooGloo Factory
A full service union print shop offering custom printing for the Tucson community, Gloo Factory stocks recycled paper, water based inks and fair trade textiles.  20% off color and black and white copies, custom banners, stickers, buttons, envelopes, business cards displays and more. See their listing!

DocusourceDocusource Solutions, LLC
Office equipment supplies, managed print services, equipment service and sales in Phoenix. 20% off services and products, no restrictions! See their listing!


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A Creative Reprieve

Creating Spot 4Image via The Creating Spot

For many of us, these 115 degree days are just too hot to do much of anything; and, as a
result, cabin fever is running rampant. If you’re one of the many looking to stay cool and indoors during these blistering summer months but longing to be active in a non-sweaty manner, then swing by Scottsdale-based The Creating Spot to get your creative juices flowing.  The Creative Spot is a newly opened business in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale that proves to be a budding location where adults of all ages can sign up to create jewelry, fused glass, fiber arts and much more.

Creating Spot 1      Creating Spot 2

Image via The Creating Spot

This contemporary venue is a hands-on gallery/studio that allows you to create original
pieces of art. They provide the materials, teach you the steps and provide endless ideas and inspiration from the finished pieces displayed throughout the studio. Friendly instructors and the warm comradery that comes from taking part in one or several of their classes will ignite your creativity and release the inner artist. And the best part….no skills required! Visit their website to check out their monthly classes which are always changing, and register for a workshop.

Written by Somlynn Rorie

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Socializing in Historical Settings

IMG_20150624_175622_662Local First Arizona had a great time at the June mixer on Wednesday June 24th  in Flagstaff at the Tourist Home Urban Market on S. San Francisco St. We were welcomed to the Tourist Home by owners Kevin and Scott Heinonen and manager Genie Kuester. They delighted us with stories about the renovations on their beautiful building, which was originally built in 1926 but sat vacant for almost 40 years until the Heinonen cousins took over.

IMG_20150624_185151_439Currently the Tourist home is part storefront, part restaurant and part local hub. They provide counter service offering chef-driven foods, pre-packaged or made-to-order. Menu items include hot breakfast items and pastries, gourmet packaged foods, house charcuterie, chef-butchered steaks and chops, domestic cheeses, prepared-to-order sandwiches, plus an assortment of soups and salads. Chef Scott prepared an amazing array of tasty bites for all of us to try including charcuterie, olives, spreads, crackers and breads.

IMG_20150624_185134_856Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours as well as Deputy City Manager Josh Copley were in attendance to show their support for the locally owned businesses of Flagstaff. We had the opportunity to go around the room and have each business share a little bit about their work and connection to the local economy. Thomas IMG_20150624_185126_093Barr of Local First Arizona shared information with the crowd about the importance of shopping locally as well as upcoming events like the 2015 Arizona Rural Policy Forum being held this August in Clarkdale. It was a fun evening to celebrate locally owned businesses and the beautiful downtown Flagstaff area.

Thank you to all who came!



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5 Reasons Why #PHXIndieBowl Rocks and Rolls

This past Sunday, twenty-eight bowling teams from all across the valley came out to the 5th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl, hosted at Let It Roll Bowl! Presented by Psyko Steve + Local First Arizona, this (somewhat) annual all-ages bowling tournament is a great way to kick back and enjoy a “Sunday Funday” the local way!

To say that this is the best bowling tournament ever is not a case of inflated hubris, we assure you. And we’ve gathered five great reasons to prove why #PHXIndieBowl rocks and rolls!


Macho MenLet’s get one thing straight: Bowlers are not required or instructed to come in coordinating costumes or shirts, but to our amusement and delight, they do!

Team spirit comes alive with incredible themed costumes and hilarious team shirts like the Macho Men of Upwards Projects, (pictured), who channeled The Village People for this iconic look!

In addition to snagging third place overall, The Macho Men also took home our new “Best Dressed Team” award – gift cards to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange!


LetItRollBowlNo one, that’s who. You may not get out to bowl every weekend, but chucking a heavy ball down a straight lane is something folks of all ages and skill levels enjoy to no end.

In addition to hosting the Phoenix Independents Bowl each year, our wonderful partners, Let It Roll Bowl & Entertainment, host corporate events, retirement parties, wedding receptions and birthday parties. Turn your next event into an unforgettable party!


IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareThis fun all-ages tournament brings out local musicians, local business owners and employees as well as locally-minded citizens and is a great way to kick off Local First Arizona’s National Independents Week campaign, a week-long celebration where local businesses thank you for your support by offering 20% off of a product, service or the whole bill! Find participating businesses and download your Golden Coupon to use now through July 5th!


Photo credit: Melissa Fossum

Photo credit: Melissa Fossum

Phoenix Independents Bowl draws independent-minded locals looking to have fun! This year over one hundred local musicians, local business owners and individuals came out ready to battle it on the bowling lanes for first, second and third place. In between this heated competition, teams were constantly joking and jesting with each other too!



FullSizeRender (1)Thank you to our amazing member, Accurate Signs and Engraving for sponsoring the creation of our uniquely awesome bowling trophies!

This year we introduced a new award given to the team that places last. Our first recipients of this award were the ladies of Dolls With Balls who will enjoy some good eats and great drinks with their $25 gift card to Bliss/ReBar, congrats!

Thank you to DJ Shane Kennedy from the Valley Bar & the Mondo Twang podcast, (and also the drummer from the Through & Through Gospel Review & Where Dead Voices Gather), for pumping out the great music all day!

5th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl Final Scores:

  • First Place Winners: The Daddy Masters

    Daddy Masters took home first place!

    1st Place: Daddy Masters: 1328

  • 2nd Place: T-hammers: 1200
  • 3rd Place: Macho Men: 1199
    (Winner: “Best Dressed Team”)
  • 4th Place: AZ Kaos: 902


Team scores going into the final round:

Bud’s Glass Joint: 1511
I Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter: 1333
The SunPunchers: 1303
KWSS 93.9 FM: 1322
Balls Jokes: 1266
Team DPJ: 1066
Hey, Bartender! Shooterz: 1558
Hey, Bartender! Shakerz: 1199
Hey, Bartender! Shakerz: 1434
Daddy Masters: 1855
Macho Men: 1980
The Fighting Tobies!: 1052
AZ Kaos: 1674
Ball Busters: 1348
Renegades: 1301
Let It Roll Bowl: 1670
Local Warriors: 1257
AZPX Records: 1461
Twaughthammer: 1702
Dolls with Balls: 790 (Winner: “Best Last Place Team”)
LiballRolls: 798
Rebel Lounge: 1042
Psyko Steve: 1435
The Blue Team: 936
The Minor Injuries: 1133
Ex Libris: 1142
Phx Ale Brewery: 1570
The Turf Toes: 1379

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Local 4th of July Events

Happy Independence Day!FlagFourth

What better way to celebrate our Nation’s independence than by celebrating at an independent business? This 4th of July check out where your fireworks will be and celebrate at any of these spectacular events below hosted by local businesses across the Valley.

Select your region to see the events in your area:

Northern AZPhoenix AreaTucson & Southern AZ

Here are collection of parks throughout the state that have scheduled firework shows if weather allows:

Green Valley Park, Payson
Tumbleweed Park, Chandler
Downtown Mesa, Mesa
Tempe Town Lake Park, Tempe
Main Street, Alpine
Heritage Park, Florance
Steele Indian School Park, Phoenix
“A” Mountain, Tucson
City Park, Benson
Thompson Bay, Lake Havasu City
Pioneer Park, Prescott
Presidio State Historic Park, Tubac
Youngker High School, Buckeye
Silverbell Park, Marana
Red Rock High School, Sedona (laser light show)
Butterfield Park, Wellton

Be sure to check out your city’s website for more information and possibly other firework locations!

Southern AZ

IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareDon’t miss out!
National Independents Week, a statewide celebration of the local and independent businesses, is wrapped around July 4th this year so be sure to check out all the local happenings, 20% off deals, and fun going on for Indie Week 2015!

MSA-002-FourthSocialMedia-01Lights in the Sky on Fourth of July at The Mercado
Join Local First AZ at The Mercado for the perfect location to enjoy 4th of July fireworks on “A” Mountain.  The lot West of the Mercado will have $5 parking and 15 Food trucks.  Inside the courtyard Cochise County All Stars will be playing from 6-9 and then DJ 9-midnight. More information here.

14455614251_3b93719bfb_z1-150x150Independents Week Passport
Pick up your free Passport to Local Success at any of the 20 stops, or download here on June 27th and tour 20 of Southern Arizona’s favorite Indies. Get at least 5 stamps from passport businesses just for stopping by and be entered to win lots of great prizes including gift certificates for local restaurants, breweries and the a VIP Summer Staycation package. Completed passports can be dropped back off at any of the 20 passport stops, mailed in or turned in at the Local First AZ table at the Lights in the Sky event on July 4th at Mercado San Agustin. Complete information here.

csn2015_headerArizona-Sonora Desert Museum
As the sun sets and the moon rises, take a leisurely stroll around the grounds of the Desert Museum in Tucson. Enjoy live musical performances in three unique venues, including one especially for children! More information here.

11046695_1429226200705737_2806444274651244989_nSleepover at The Downtown Clifton
Join The Downtown Clifton in Tucson for a 4th of July sleep over, like a camp out, but inside the coolest hotel in downtown Tucson. You don’t even have to build a camp fire. They’ll supply the beer and food trucks and “A” Mountain will supply the fireworks. More information here.

imagesSpecial Screenings at The Loft Cinema
Join The Loft Cinema for some iconic American film masterpieces. Catch The Spirt of St. Louis (noon), Jurassic Park (3pm), or Rocky IV (6pm). Or watch all three in a patriotic, dinosaur filled evening of entertainment. More information here.

Hacienda Del SolRed, White, & Brew
Celebrate America’s independence on July 4th at the Hacienda! Enjoy live entertainment by the Rillito River Band, grilling on the patio, delicious buffet and craft beer tasting. This annual event kicks off at 4pm and ends at 7pm. Just $45.00 per person. More information here.

childrens museum tucsonKidpendence Day, Tucson
Celebrate America’s birthday with Children’s Museum Tucson for a special Kidpendence Day! Families will have the opportunity to decorate patriotic hats, participate in a geyser competition, paint fireworks, and more. More information here.

Tucson Botanical GardensFour, Four, Four
Join the Tuscon Botanical Garden for $4 admission and a family-style BBQ!  They’ll be serving two meal options: a hotdog, chips and drink for $4 or a hamburger, side and drink for $8.  Celebrate Independence Day outdoors with good family and friends! More information here.

fireworksFireworks Extravaganza
Grab a FREE seat at AVA Amphitheater to celebrate their 21st Birthday Fireworks Extravaganza starting at 8:30pm on July 4th in Tucson! More information here.


Phoenix Area

IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareDon’t miss out!
National Independents Week, a statewide celebration of the local and independent businesses, is wrapped around July 4th this year so be sure to check out all the local happenings, 20% off deals, and fun going on for Indie Week 2015!

 pub_crawl_bannerScottsdale Independents Week Pub Crawl
Mark your calendars and strap on your walking shoes Friday, July 3rd because Local First Arizona is taking you out for the 3rd Annual Independents Week Pub Crawl! We’ll be trekking around Old Town Scottsdale to five local bars and restaurants enjoying a $4 libations along the way. Let’s support our local businesses this summer and enjoy some great tasting beers and cocktails while we do it!

bookmans logoBookman’s Independence Day Extravaganza
Celebrate Independence Day on the 3rd of July at Bookmans Phoenix! Stop in and cool off with 4th of July activities. Create cute crafts with our friends from Fairy Doors & Dinosaurs and enjoy a good time all around! More information here.


qc olive millQueen Creek Olive Mill Pizza Party
Visit Queen Creek Olive Mill, open from 8am- 9:30pm with happy hour from 4 – 7pm and live music by the Elixers Blues Band from 6-9pm. The Fourth of July Pizza Party is from 4-9pm featuring 2 Santa Maria Pizzas and 2 Pints of Four Peaks Beer for $20 (or 2 glasses of house wine). The outdoor bar and grill will be opened serving burgers, chicken sandwich, sausage sandwiches, and more! More information here.

pueblo grande$4 for the Fourth!
Join Pueblo Grande Museum in celebrating Independence Day with $4 for the Fourth admission promotion!  For the Fourth of July holiday week, June 30 to July 4, Pueblo Grande Museum is offering a discounted museum admission rate of $4 to all adults and seniors! Bring the whole family out for a fun and affordable uniquely Arizona experience. More information here.

Northern AZ

IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareDon’t miss out!
National Independents Week, a statewide celebration of the local and independent businesses, is wrapped around July 4th this year so be sure to check out all the local happenings, 20% off deals, and fun going on for Indie Week 2015!

unnamedJuly 4th Tour and Picnic at the Farm
Join Ranch at Fossil Creek and Fossil Creek Creamy in Strawberry during this long weekend for a Farm tour and Picnic lunch. Elk brats and goat cheese with delicious salads will be served. $10 tour and $10 lunch per person. Goats will also be available to be pet. Reservations required 928-476-5178. More information here.

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Get Your Tickets for the 2015 Rural Policy Forum

The 2015 Rural Policy Forum will provide an opportunity for skill-building, networking, resource development, building relationships and educating each other about the needs and services in rural Arizona. Activities include capacity-building sessions, receptions, workshops, keynote presentations, and roundtable discussions.

RPF2Breakout sessions and workshops will focus on a variety of important topics pertaining to building thriving rural communities of all sizes. Topics include tourism, nonprofits, international trade, policy, rural downtown main streets, civil discourse, financing and funding, education, economic development, arts and culture, capacity building, regional collaboration, and volunteer service. Forum attendees will have the opportunity to join many of these workshops throughout the two-day conference. A continuously updated agenda can be AZRDC1found at

Registration for the 2015 Rural Policy Forum is now open. Early bird registration is $99 until July 15 and includes attendance at the two-day conference, four meals, and many opportunities to network with stakeholders from around Arizona. Pricing increases to $119 after July 15. Attendees can find more information and register here:


Attendees will also have the option of attending three outside events associated with the Rural Policy Forum:

  • verde_canyon_railroad_tunnelOn Wednesday, August 5, Rural Policy Forum attendees can participate in a tour of the area aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad. This four-hour wilderness adventure will take place in the living room-style comfort of a refurbished train car and will feature stunning views, great company, heavy appetizers and a champagne toast. Cost per person is $29. BMR
  • Following the train tour on August 5, guests can join other Rural Policy Forum attendees at a social dinner at the Copper Art Museum at 7:00 p.m. Cost per person is $20.
  • On Thursday, August 6, guests are invited to dinner and a show at 6:00 p.m. at Blazin’ M Ranch in Cottonwood following the first day of the Rural Policy Forum. Cost per person is $25.

Registration for all of these events and the Rural Policy Forum is available here:

Sponsors of the 8th Annual Rural Policy Forum include the Marley Foundation, Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation, Amigos, APS, the Arizona Lottery, the Arizona Community Foundation, and Resolution Copper.

About the Arizona Rural Development Council

The Arizona Rural Development Council (AZDRC) is Arizona’s officialAZRDC2015, federally-recognized State Rural Development Council in the National Rural Development Partnership. AZDRC’s mission is to equip communities with resources to advance rural Arizona while honoring their heritage in a changing world. In May of 2013, the Rural Development Council merged with, and became a program of, the Local First Arizona Foundation.

About the Local First Arizona Foundation

The Local First Arizona Foundation (LFAF) is a non-profit sister organization of Local lfa-foundation-logo-updated-lowresFirst Arizona, a statewide non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through growing, supporting, and celebrating locally owned businesses throughout the state of Arizona. LFAF’s mission is to catalyze the community to leverage the resources, opportunities, and information needed to build sustainable local economies throughout Arizona, resulting in a high quality of life for all.

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