Oh, what a night! Recapping a Downtown Phoenix Indie Week Celebration

National Independents Week 2014 in Arizona was one of our busiest yet! Local First Arizona and many of our members held events state-wide to celebrate July 4th and National Independents Week. Here in Phoenix, 68 city-dwellers from all corners of Valley braved the heat to experience some downtown culture the Independent way: with great food, great people, great civic projects and with great art!

photo 3 (1)

We started with dinner at Pizza People Pub, a food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar-restaurant, where we had all the best of their diverse and delicious menu. Three salads to chose from, chicken wings, pizzas, veggies and hummus, and we mustn’t forget the macaroni and cheese, which  was a crowd favorite. Pizza People Pub did not disappoint with the adult libations – cocktails, beer and wine were enjoyed while everyone got to know each other.

phil weddles

Proposed improvements to Hance Park. Photo courtesy of Hance Park Conservancy

photo 1 (4)

Phillip Weddle explaining proposed enhancements to Hance Park at Pizza People Pub.

Our guest speaker at Pizza People Pub, Phillip Weddle of Weddle and Gilmore, is the lead architect on the Hance Park Master Plan for massive improvements spearheaded by Hance Park Conservacny. Phillip talked about how the improvement plan for Hance is an important example of how participating in public policy can bring about change. He spoke about why these improvements to Hance Park are so important to the downtown core area and why we still need to make sure our support for the project is heard by our governing officials. Our group listened and asked questions on the project- it was great to hear from someone so close to the project just how important our input really is.  At the close of his talk, everyone was ready to get to the Phoenix art Museum, so we paid our tabs and walked over. Cheers to MaryBeth and Tim Scanlon and Tom Jetland, owners of Pizza People Pub, as well as Phillip Weddle, for getting our celebration off to the right start!

Phoenix Art Museum Hollywood Exhibit Queen Elizabeth   KJZZ.org

The many renderings of Queen Elizabeth from decades of films about the fameous Queen. Photo courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum

Once we arrived to the Phoenix Art Museum, we were greeted by Dennita Sewell, Curator of Fashion Design and one of the lead coordinators of the Hollywood Costume Exhibit. As our groups trickled in, she gave introductions to the exhibit that had traveled from London to be in Phoenix from March 26-July 26th. With over 100 costumes from Hollywood films on display, many of which never before displayed in public,  it was a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of how characters are created through costume and how actors “become” the characters when they put the carefully constructed costumes on. The exhibit was massively engrossing and nearly everyone in our group was seeing it for the first time.

“I am so glad you got us out to see this before the exhibit left,” said one of our guests as we were leaving. “I had this on my calendar for ages and I nearly missed it! This exhibit is amazing!” We couldn’t agree more and what a way to close out a show – with 68 of our good friends and some amazing community leaders. Thanks to all who made this a wonderful night – we hope to see you at our upcoming Localist events!

Localist Header Upcoming Localist Experiences
July 26th: Get a private meet and greet with Mike Doyle, author of Beautiful LEGO, and receive a 2-month membership to Heard Museum  for only $20. See BUILD! Exhibit as many times as you want – RSVP now!

Borderlands Brewing Beers

August 11th: Beer School with Borderland Brewing Co in Tucson! Meet the brewmasters, tour the brewery, and most importantly, taste the brews. This is a unique opportunity to meet the makers of beers that grip you even before you taste them: Noche Dulce Moonlight Vanilla Perter, Horchata Cream Ale, Prickly Pear Wheat, Ol’ Loco Citrus IPA – who’s thirsty? Join us – RSVP HERE!

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Tepary Beans: A Southwestern Heritage Food

tepary-beansIf you’ve never had tepary beans, you are missing out on a deeply southwestern experience. Tepary beans have a fantastic flavor and a texture that “pops” in your mouth. They contain more protein and fiber than traditional beans such as black or pinto, as well as a lower glycemic index. They are a ridiculously sustainable food to boot, requiring minimal water and maintenance for farmers and gardeners in the southwest region.

In case you were wondering: now (generally, the beginning of summer monsoon season) is the perfect time to plant tepary beans in the garden or on the farm.

10330152633_1de4fbc8f9_zThe tepary bean has been cultivated for centuries by Native American tribes in the southwest region and have thus adapted exceptionally well to our high-heat and drought conditions. As a matter of fact, tepary beans thrive in our region, as they are just about the most drought- and heat-tolerant legume, period. They also fix nitrogen to the land they’re grown in, building up the fertility of our nitrogen-deficient desert soils. For gardeners and local farmers, this makes the tepary bean a fantastic cover crop, to keep land active during the dry season, and to protect and build the soil over the months of harsh Sonoran heat.

Luzi_-_PapagoThough not very common in southwest cuisine these days, tepary beans have enjoyed a slow but steady return to notoriety over the last few years, thanks in part to the efforts of Native Seeds/SEARCH’s Gary Paul Nabham as well as local farms, like Ramona Farms, who have worked hard to bring this ancient food back to the forefront of our regional identity. Native American farmers, such as those from the Tohono O’odham Nation, have continued to cultivate this heritage bean over the years, and have helped to foster a wide array of cultivars, diverse in their size, color, growing habits and flavor.

Local First Arizona is proud to support our members that cultivate and utilize the tepary bean. You can purchase dry beans for food from Ramona Farms, seeds for growing from Native Seeds/SEARCH and Terrior Seeds, and other tepary bean products from Tepa Burger (whose vegetarian patties are to die for, by the way).

IMG_20140711_102938For inspiration, here’s a photo of U’us Mu:n variety tepary beans, poking their baby heads out in my own garden plot at Roosevelt Growhouse.

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Libraries are a small business’s best friend

Maricopa County Libraries & Online Services Outreach Towards Small Businesses

With the increasing popularity of small businesses sprouting up in Arizona, more helpful resources are becoming available from public libraries and online services to help you grow successfully.  We’ve compiled a list of organizations and Maricopa County public library services to help build your small businesses.

Library Services-

MaricopaCountyLibraryThe Maricopa County Library District is offering a wide variety of resources and events focused on helping small businesses, these resources and events can be found in various public library locations throughout Maricopa County.

Why should you care? Well your tax money goes into keeping public libraries up and running, when you take advantage of them offering services such as these you are, in a sense, getting your money’s worth. These services also allow for communities to come together. In the long run this is helping the local economic development!

Scottsdale Library | Phoenix Library | Mesa Library
Glendale Library | Apache Junction Library

Scottsdale Public Library

The Eureka! Loft at Scottsdale Civic Center Library is an “innovative co-working space” where entrepreneurs and professionals can get help on the path to success. Eureka! loft is free and open to the public, the area is equipped with free Wi-Fi, coworking areas, a collaborative computer station and access to library resources.

Check out these business resource links that Scottsdale Public Library has to offer!

How can they help?

Phoenix Public Library

LibraryimageRoom rentals at Burton Barr Central Library are available for public use and are perfect for having small to large meetings.

The Hive @ Central is a discovery space for business entrepreneurs that was developed in partnership withASU Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group , City of Phoenix Community & Economic Development Department and Phoenix Public Library.

How can they help?

  • The Hive hosts various business events that are free and open to the public.
  • Meeting rooms are available for entrepreneurs to meet up and collaborate with other people.

Mesa Public Library

MesaLibraryThe Mesa THINKSpot, at the Red Mountain Branch, is a collaborative workspace and “makerspace” whose mission is to create innovation through community collaboration.

How can they help?

  • Offer workshops such as the ASU Rapid Start Up School: Provides tools and knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur or small business owner.
  • FREE Wifi to conduct your business effectively on a consistent basis.

Glendale Public Library

Glendale city is conducting an inventory of businesses operating in the city and they are providing tons of information to the public on some of the most commonly requested business features. Visit the Glendale Public Library business page for more information.

Apache Junction Public Library

The Apache Junction Public Library has recently added small business online tools on their main website. These tools range from business planning to financial assistance.


Here is a list of organizations, put together by The Maricopa County Library District,  to help build your small businesses.

Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA)

Arizona CommerceThe ACA is an economic development organization whose mission is to strengthen Arizona’s economy. There Small Business Services programs include:

  • Arizona Entrepreneur’s Edge: A resource guide to starting, operating and growing a business. This guide provides general information for new business owners and serves as a reference and directory for business of all sizes.
  • Checklist Program: Designed to help start,operate and grow a business in Arizona.

Maricopa Small Business Development Center Network

The Maricopa SBDC is Arizona’s largest and most accessible statewide source for small businesses. The resources they provide include:

  • Various events for businesses throughout the valley such as: Startup Labs, Small Business Academy events, Brown Bag Workshops and Profit Mastery.
  • No-cost and confidential business counseling to help businesses succeed.


SCORE’s mission is to educate entrepreneurs and help small businesses start, grow and succeed nationwide. They have been mentoring small business owners for more than forty years. They provide:

  • Local and online workshops
  • Templates & tools: These include tools on business start-up, marketing, management, finance & money, technology and business advice.
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Independents Week Pub Crawl Recap

photo-1Each July 3rd, as part of our National Independents Week celebrations, localists pledge to make an impact on their economy by doing as their forefathers did – drink and drink well. This year we decided to devise our Indie Pub Crawl route around Roosevelt Row Arts District, where our amazing Indie Week mural could be included in our fun ‘challenges’, including: Singing the National Anthem in public, Posing with a giant teddy bear (Beary White), petting albino deer (don’t worry, they were wooden).

All afternoon before our pub crawl began, LFA staff was abuzz about weather alerts they were receiving. Now, there were some ominous clouds lurking in, but with the heat and humidity we were certain it would pass over us like always. Boy were we mistaken.

20140703_204611(0)First stop was Phoenix Public Market, the über casual, local hangout dedicating all its efforts to making great food and delicious beverages. The Pub Crawl drink special was Market Mint Lemonade with Vodka, which is delicious. Packing tightly inside, everyone was busy ordering drinks, when suddenly, the skies erupted into a massive storm! So ferocious was this storm it even caused a brief blackout, though our crawlers couldn’t have been more enthralled as they let out a synchronized, “Woo-hoo!”

You know that old idiom ‘no pain, no gain’? This was more like ‘no rain, no grain’.

image-6Outside, the rain slowed to a drizzle as we hopped over puddle after puddle heading to FilmBar for a good cold brew straight from the tap. FilmBar has cultivated a sort of, “if you build it, they will come” success. They’ve brought in cult classics and independent movies and now have a fandom of Phoenix filmgoers daily. Stepping inside you see amazing murals decorating nearly every wall and a bar equipped with local beers on tap plus an industrial popcorn machine. We could have stayed forever, but we were on a schedule; off to stop three!

20140703_215327Short Leash Hot Dogs started as a food truck and has expanded into a full restaurant, but what remains the same here is that delicious creativity is bun-size. Crawlers were sipping Raspberry Cobblers, playing foosball and gushing over the adorable dog photos lining the back hallway. Alas, Short Leash had to close, so it was off to stop four, Carly’s Bistro.

image-3Carly’s Bistro is just a few doors down from Short Leash serving up mouthwatering favorites and enough beer, wine and cocktail choices that you can try something new every time! Carly’s drink specials included mojitos and Four Peaks Kiltlifter, both classic and quenching. Once, again, we couldn’t help but fill up the place, even grabbing a seat and enjoying the life acoustic entertainment for a bit.

It was on to stop five that we passed the wooden deer, one of our challenges. Deer had fallen over in the storm, so pub crawlers had some fun resuscitating them back to life.

image-2Our next stop was the new hot spot, The Local, serving up enticing dishes like Merquez Stuffed Quail, Summer Veggie Tortellini, and Roasted Bone Marrow. For their drink special, The Local was shaking up Peach Collins, a must-have! Dancing to the rhythmic DJ beats, it was hard to leave this spot, but we were nearing the end, and so we had to move on. And so we arrived at our last stop of the night at Bliss/reBAR to indulge in RazPutin cocktails, Oak Creek Hefeweizens and Lumberyard Raspberry Ales. At the end of the night, five final teams took home prizes from Bookmans, FilmBar

We would like to thank all of our participating restaurants and bars as well as their amazing staff members who made it all look so easy. We would also like to thank our participants for making this event such a great success and we look forward to next year!


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Phoenix Art Museum Hosts Antonio Berni Exhibit: One of Most Innovative Latin American Artists of 20th Century

Antonio Berni 1Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona is now showing at Phoenix Art Museum and features over one hundred objects by groundbreaking artist Antonio Berni (1905-1981). The included works span a variety of media including paintings, assemblages, sculptures, works on paper, sketchbooks, and printing plates. Berni is little known in the United States, but widely recognized throughout Latin America as one of the most important artists of the 20th century. He used a wide array of bright colors and materials in his works to shed light on the realities of the Argentinean working class and their struggles to overcome economic challenges during the 1960s and ‘70s. A collaboration between the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Malba – Fundación Costantini in Buenos Aires, Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona is the first Berni exhibition organized by a U.S. museum in nearly fifty years and the first to focus on this iconic series.

Antonio Berni 4Berni rose to prominence early in his career as a leading painter and promoter of “New Realism” in Latin America. In the mid-1950s, motivated by the social distress and poverty he witnessed amid his country’s rapid industrialization and parallel socio-political upheavals, he abandoned painting for a more visceral artistic medium: assemblage. In 1958, Berni began a series of works that chronicled his country’s story through the tales of two fictional characters: Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel. Juanito was a young boy who left his home in the countryside to seek work in Buenos Aires and ended up living in poverty in the villas miserias (misery towns or shantytowns) on the city’s outskirts. Ramona, on the other hand, was a young working-class woman who was lured into a life of high-society prostitution by the promise of expensive gifts and luxurious decadence. Over the latter part of the 20th century, Berni’s invented characters became so well known that they attained cult status in Argentina as popular legends and folk heroes.

Antonio Berni 2Berni constructed narratives of Juanito and Ramona’s lives in his artwork using discards from everyday life. For Juanito he used waste materials like old wood, machine parts, and crushed tin cans found littering the slums of Buenos Aires, while for Ramona he used gaudy costume jewelry and chintzy, second-hand fabrics obtained at flea markets. This link between materials used and the fictional worlds depicted—the substance and the subject—could be characterized as “material realism.” This series developed into a social narrative on industrialization and poverty, underscoring disparities between the wealthy Argentinean aristocracy and the “Juanitos” of the slums, and exposing the political power networks at the core of high-society prostitution. Pictured above is a print of Juanito Berni made using found objects for the print mold. The mold itself is as much a work of art as the print it produced.

Phoenix Art Museum’s Shawn and Joe Lampe Curator of Latin American Art Dr. Vanessa Davidson said, “This landmark exhibition showcases Antonio Berni’s creative genius to great effect. The works are fascinating as they document Argentinean society’s undercurrents during the 1960s and 1970s and showcase artistic ingenuity and innovation in materials as well as method.” She added that, “Berni was a singular artist whose influence continues to be felt throughout Latin America to this day.”

Antonio Berni 3“Following on the success of Order Chaos and the Space Between, the collection from
The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation, this exhibition will further help to open our audience’s eyes to the great diversity of art produced in Latin America,” said James
K. Ballinger, The Sybil Harrington Director at Phoenix Art Museum. “Berni’s artistic
radicalism can be compared in the United States to Robert Rauschenberg’s pioneering assemblages. Both artists took radical leaps of faith in fundamentally questioning exactly what art could be and what it could be made of,” Ballinger continued. He added that, “Berni was a pioneer and a visionary in Latin America, as this exhibition illustrates.”

The exhibition will be at Phoenix Art Museum from June 28 to September 21, 2014. For further information about the exhibition please visit phxart.org/exhibition/antonioberni.

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July Lunch Mixer Recap: Solo Trattoria

7901 Alliance Bank of ArizonaAlliance Bank is the largest locally-owned and headquartered bank in Arizona, serving the financial needs of entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals, non profit organizations, and consumers since 2003. This month, they decided it was high time they got to know more of their Phoenix neighbors and, so, they invited them out to lunch!

solo trattoria logo

Members dined together at Solo Trattoria, a casual and comfortable restaurant nestled into the Camelback Esplanade Phoenix where traditional Italian favorites get a modern twist with seasonal selections and flavors.

Banking locally continues to prove prosperous for those in the community. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), when you bank locally you choose to put your money towards growing your local economy.

ILSR’s 5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank or Credit Union shows that “although small and mid-sized banks control less than one-quarter of all bank assets, they account for more than half of all small business lending.” Commitment to community puts local banks at the top of the list - when you thrive, so do they! 

Another reason to switch is that community banks offer the same services to suite your needs, often at lower costs than non-local banks. “Studies show that small financial institutions also offer, on average, better interest rates…”

Alliance Bank is a great community ally in Arizona, often encouraged to go out and volunteer, donate and get to know those they are serving. We want to thank them for sponsoring a delicious lunch and if you would like more information, or to become connected with Alliance Bank, please contact: Kendall@localfirstaz.com

photo 1-3We want to also thank Solo Trattoria and their amazing staff for a fantastic experience.

Thank you to all those in attendance:

Alliance Bank of ArizonaSustaining Member
Anderson Prepatory Academy
AZ-TV 7 - Sustaining Member
Another Hand Advantage
AZ Social Media Wiz
Cashmere & Coco Boutique
Community Tire ProsSustaining Member
Compass-i, LLC
CopperPoint Mutual InsuranceSustaining Member
Gallagher & Kennedy
INBusiness – Tax Preparation
Jim McCroy Realtor & Business Consultant
Making Memories by the Mouthful
Marc Architecture
Matek Media
One Stop Voice
OnSite Oil Change
Phoenix Personal Shopper
Prostaff Mortgage
Richman & Associates
Short Leash Hot Dogs
Solo Trattoria
Specialized Office Systems
Summit Medicine and Pediatrics
TAP and Sons Electric
The Vault Wine Storage
United Cerebral Palsy of Central AZSustaining Member

Stay tuned to future Local First Arizona mixers – make sure you are signed up to receive our business member email updates! 

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The Gateway to Local Banking

This Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Gateway Bank

gateway-buildingYou take your “I’m a Localist” badge seriously, committed to shopping and supporting locally run businesses. But have you given thought to banking locally? One of the biggest steps toward strengthening your commitment is managing your finances with a bank that also supports and believes in similar philosophies. The perks of moving to a local bank definitely surpass the finally written terms and conditions on most big box banks.

Gateway BankOne in particular is Gateway Bank, a full service locally owned bank based in Mesa. Gateway Bank represents a return to the old-fashioned way of banking, where the staff knows everyone by name and you are treated like a person instead of a number. Their passion for serving the community and small-town values drive everything they do, believing that everyone should be treated like family, that personal service should be provided to each and every customer, and that always doing the right thing and being proactive to help their customer’s reach their goals is a value that permeates its very foundation. They offer loans up to $3 million, a quick turnaround, local decision making and competitive rates. You will not be treated like a number and are there to build a relationship and provide the necessary tools to help your organization be more successful. Gateway actively finances Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate, working capital lines, equipment loans and SBA 504 or 7(a) loans to mention a few. To learn more about the benefits of working with Gateway Bank, which has been rated 5 stars by Bauer Financial for the last 15 quarters, visit their website: http://gcbaz.com/

Click here to find out more about Gateway Bank. You can click here to read past member spotlights. You can also search our local business directory to find 2,500 local businesses across Arizona. 

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4th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl Recap

photo 1-2After a three year hiatus, we welcomed the exciting comeback of the Phoenix Independents Bowl, hosted once again at Let it Roll Bowl in Phoenix. What began as thirty teams soon whittled down to just four fighting ferociously for first, second and third place. Teams came from far and wide to play – some took their spirit to the next level by coordinating outfits! One especially great moment was in the final round when Beer Research teammates would high-five with arms crossed for strikes – you just can’t get much better than that!

4500Let it Roll Bowl is a proud member of Local First Arizona and is one of the last independent bowling alleys in the state. Recently, they have made some great updates and changes to the layout inside, including state of the art touch screen pads that players can use to order drinks and food straight to their lane! When you’re in the final stretch of a great game, the last thing you want is to chase down a teammate trying to get a slice!

Other changes include an arcade and a photo booth that add even more entertainment and memories. On the note of enjoyment, when you get out to Let it Roll Bowl, you’ve got to try Pizza Re, the bowling alley restaurant, serving up amazingly decadent pizza, milkshakes and more!


And so after a valiant fight, and all the pins were knocked down, we are proud to announce that your 2014 PHX Indie Bowl Champions are:

First Place: Beer Research
Second Place: Henschmen
Third Place:
Daddy Masters

Check out the scores going into the finals:
The Daddy Masters: 615
Cobra Kai: 602
Beer Research: 559
The Henschmen: 558
Meatball: 523
Thieves: 515
Clean Air Strikers: 508
Drinking Team with a Bowling Problem: 505
The Incredibles: 450
Valley Fever: 486
Scorpion vs. Tarantula: 468
Red Fury: 458
Mother Bunch Brewing: 457
Spare Me: 451
Drink Ninjas: 444
The Dangerous Snakes who Hate Bullshit: 439
State Bicycle: 418
513 Analog: 416
Queen Pins: 401
photo 5Hot Press: 394
Mergence: 387
Hair Peace: 385
The Sun Punchers: 382
The Bitchin’ Ball Busters: 381
Samuel L Cool J: 376
First the Kingdom: 361
Team White Lightning: 347
Team America: 339
Shenanigans: 329
Cherie Cherie: 306

Special thanks goes out to Psyko Steve Presents for creating the event, Let it Roll Bowl for hosting us, DJ HartBreaks for pumping out awesome tunes, and all participants that came out for our 4th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl.

View more pictures here: 4th Somewhat Annual PHX Indie Bowl

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Pine Strawberry Business Community

This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for the Pine Strawberry Business Community, a nonprofit located in Pine and Strawberry

PineStrawberryBCPine Strawberry Business Community (PSBC) is a local non-profit organization comprised of members from the towns of Pine and Strawberry, Arizona. Through organizations such as PSBC, local businesses and the community are given a helping hand.

This non-profit organization sponsors fundraising events and activities in Pine and Strawberry throughout the year. All year long, there are community festivities that bring everyone together building a sense of togetherness. The community involvement develops a sense of support, connection and neighborhood.

The Pine Strawberry Business Community’s mission is to bring together the resources of the Pine and Strawberry Businesses and community in order to promote the economic and social development of Pine and Strawberry to create and maintain a vital business climate with an enhanced quality of life within the community.

The PSBC has several upcoming events, so mark you calendar to join the fun in Pine this summer and beyond!

HorsePine4th Annual Mountain Daze: 
August 9 & 10, 2014

Pine Community Center and Ramada at 3886 N. Highway 87, Pine, AZ 85544.
Join the fun with a craft festival, live music, food vendors and a raffle drawing that awards prices from local businesses!

7th Annual Fall Apple Festival & 3rd Annual Antique Show:
October 11 and 12, 2014
Pine Community Center and Ramada at 3886 N. Highway 87, Pine, AZ 85544

Join the PSBC for food, music, vendors, entertainment, children’s craft booth, chili cook off, antique tractors, apple treats and an amazing antique show. For the chili cook off, click here for more info and Registration!

santa2011Pine6th Annual Festival of Lights Craft Fair:

Saturday, November 29, 2014 from 12pm to 8pm
Pine Community Center and Ramada at 3886 N. Highway 87, Pine, AZ 85544.

The Christmas Tree lighting will start at dusk Saturday along with Christmas carols, jingle bell parade, photos with santa, music and refreshments.


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Passport To Local Success Recap


Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, speaks to the crowd on 4th Avenue

Local First Arizona would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Indie Week kickoff Passport To Local Success event. Folks braved the heat to come down to the Fourth Avenue stage and hear Tucson firefighter Ryan Gaudioso, Local First founder Kimber Lanning and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild speak about how buying local keeps more money in our community and builds more jobs.

Passports and Golden Coupons in hand, folks toured up to 20 different local businesses in the 4th Avenue and downtown districts to get their passports stamped.  We gave away many amazing prizes donated by Delectables, Pop Cycle, Antigone Books, Borderlands Brewing Company, Ordinary Bike Shop,

Many great prizes were given away in the Passport drawing, including this Electra Cruiser from Ordinary Bikes.

Many great prizes were given away in the Passport drawing, including this Electra Cruiser from Ordinary Bikes.

Ben’s Bells, The Book Stop, Fluff It Up, Maynards Market, LaFleur Plantscapes, Good Oak Bar/Diablo Burger, Proper, Fox Theatre, Bookmans Sports Exchange and the Downtown Tucson Partnership.   The Buffet Bar and Food Conspiracy donated water and coconut water to help cool folks off.  The Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) arranged for live music for the event and brought staff to help set up and take down the event. “Thanks for such a fantastic event!” commented attendee, Colin, “Truly a blast to see fellow Tucsonans taking advantage of the great local businesses along 4th and Congress.”

“This is awesome!,” wrote event attendee, Christina Moodie. “ We’re big supporters of local purchasing and especially 4th Ave. and Downtown businesses. We used to live near downtown but we moved and still can’t stay away! We’re always encouraging our foothills friends to go down to The Avenue.”

The best part of all was seeing so many in Tucson come together to celebrate and support local. It reminds us all what a special community we have right here.

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