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Independents Week

Local First Arizona is celebrating Independents Week once again (6/29 - 7/6)! Contact us to get on the bandwagon and join other members in offering Golden Coupon deals.

During this week, we encourage you to "go local" by supporting as many locally owned businesses as possible. Join the thousands of consumers and hundreds of businesses who participate in this statewide celebration of the local and independent businesses that are the backbone of the Arizona economy. More info here, and available en Español.

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Use these tips when editing your listing on LocalFirstAZ.com.

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Quick description tips

  • Clearly and simply describe your business in the first sentence.
  • Remember that most searchers are quickly scanning, not slowly reading.
  • List all the services and products you offer.

Quick keywords tips

  • Don't forget plurals ("candy" and "candies").
  • Use synonyms (car, auto, vehicle). Visit thesaurus.com to find words that mean the same thing.
  • Use Google's Keyword Tool to generate ideas based on your existing keywords.
  • Don't cheat with words that don't have anything to do with your business.
  • Separate words and phrases with a comma and a space.

Quick specials tips

  • Remember, someone only has to mention Local First Arizona to get the offer.
  • Keep the special simple.
  • Let your employees know of the special.
  • If the special expires, it's up to you to remove it from your profile.
  • Be sure to note if the special isn't valid with other offers or has limits.

Quick password tips

You don't want a weak password that can be easily guessed. Not only will it make your business listing hackable, it compromises the security of our site.

  • Don't use a common word by itself.
  • The best passwords combine letters, numbers, and punctuation.
    Examples of passwords and their strength:
    amazingly weak local
    simply weak local1st
    okay ts1lacol
    great #456-local!
    freakin' awesome! #XR$84YS0-1

    Please, please, please do not use these example passwords.

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